General Computer & Services is a professional computer reseller in the fields of computer hardware, software, business consultation, maintenance, and training. We have been in the service of business and home clients since March of 1995. Over the past decade, we have flourished along with the development of many new technologies. We have also persevered during the times of market recessions. It is our level of service and commitment to our clients over the years that allows us to continue serving our clients*, while many competitors come and go. Our dedication and experiences allows us to offer products ranging from low-cost home computers, to state of the art business networking solutions with competitive prices.

GCS is an affiliate of Intel resellers, and has been awarded one of the happiest awards man has ever invented.



In our ever changing business environments, the need for dedicated systems must conform to the quality of stability, cost efficiency, and integration with new and dynamic technologies your work force needs in order to expand your company and assets.

We, at GCS understand the essence of quality as well as the need to maintain satisfaction with our current and future customers. Our dedications are reflected greatly upon our flexible systems and the support we provide. The importance of a good backbone is one of the top business ethics we believe in. Our Business Class computer system is empowered with the leading backbone design in motherboard sub-systems and chipset circuitry.

We have implemented a complete overhaul of our maintenance division, allocating a significant portion of our budget in order to provide our technicians with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipments; speeding up the identification process. We have also increased the number of technicians to improve our response time. We can provide next business day on-site service for our maintenance contract customers and same day on-site service for premium services contract customers.

While GCS insists on maintaining very reasonable prices, it has never thought of offering the lowest price as this is in contradiction with our policy to produce the best. GCS is aware of the fact that companies who aim at selling at the lowest prices are unable to offer first class products under any circumstances. Such business practice will undoubtedly sacrifice quality, performance, and after-sales-service; failing to provide adequate support to their distributors and dealers.

Our staff of analysts has combined extensive data research and market planning in order to provide our clients with one of the most dedicated computer systems technology has to offer. Furthermore, GCS provides the necessary budget and time for adequate research and development, strict product testing, as well as producing innovated documentation and manuals.

As a result, our products will be efficient, easy to maintain, and unlikely to break down.

  • The need to sacrifice performance over stability has been restructured and corrected; Thus ensuring a reliable working environment even with non-stop operations.
  • Full compatibility with current and developing technological advances in business applications as well as office equipments.
  • Systems are designed to conform with our flexible standards, thus ensuring our computer systems to be fully upgradeable with ease. This also allows us to offer next day on-site support if an urgent upgrade is required.
  • In has been a fact that quality computer hardware is marginally more expensive than lower grade hardware of its class. Our market research experiences guarantees the acquisition of quality computer hardware at exceptional prices. Combined with our expertise in price management operations, we can pass the savings on to our clients without further strings attached Guaranteed.

We understand individual businesses has unique requirements, our trained sales staff are prepared to offer consultation and discuss with your purchase manager in designing the precise systems for your thriving business. Thank you for your time and a chance to allow us in offering you our dedicated services.

* Business references available upon request.

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